You have to learn

that some girls aren’t going to talk to you first. And it’s not because you did anything wrong, it’s just a girl thing. Some of them don’t like starting the conversation because they like to feel like you want to talk to them. I know it’s hard to understand, but you’d be surprised to see that most girls would want a guy to approach them and say hi anyway. You guys can possibly become best of friends or become lovers, so why be scared? its all about how you approach them anyway. A girl can tell when a guy is being genuine in wanting to meet them for the right reasons, and they can tell when a guy is just being a guy. You need to take chances. Brief encounters are the times when you may only get one chance to talk to her. Maybe it’s at the mall, the movie theaters, sitting at starbucks or in the hallway at school. The key to these encounters is confidence.

Go up to her with confidence, not cockiness, confidence. Make eye contact, smile and always be friendly, be yourself. Keep it simple. Start a small conversation before asking for a girl’s number. Talk about your surroundings, what movie are you watching, what drink did you get, what class do you have next. Make the situation feel comfortable. You have to feel it out, if she is carrying conversation and looks interested, ask her for her number so you guys can have a conversation in the future. If she is hesitant to give you hers, let her know that if she doesn’t feel comfortable giving you hers, that its okay. Give her yours and let her know that if she ever wants to chill, or just wants someone to text when shes bored, that she can text you whenever.

If they don’t text the next day, or in a couple of weeks just wait it out. Understand that they like to feel like the wait was worth something. They like feeling like you’ve waited for them like they’ve waited for you. You can’t let them intimidate you. The number one reason why they hate talking first is because they hate to seem needy or clingy. That’s why they’re scared. Cause to them, they think being needy and obsessive just pushes guys away. If you see the opportunity take it, think about how many relationships have probably never existed, cause both boy and girl where scared. Don’t be the one to possibly let a good thing pass by. <3

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