Realize now that you can be happy at this moment for no reason. Otherwise, you’ll eternally depend on conditions for happiness and you’ll remain a victim of circumstances.
Anonymous asked:
So I am talking to someone.. It's been almost 2 mo, pretty short.. I haven't kissed him yet. We connect so well.. However, I do I know it's the right time to make love?

It’s hard to give someone a time line on when they should make love. It’s different for everyone, and everybody will take their own time. I will say though, that when it comes to the point where you two start exploring each others bodies and start doing more than just kissing, you should ask yourself these 10 questions.

  1. How well do you know this person?
  2. Do you trust this person?
  3. If that person decides to leave tomorrow, would you regret it?
  4. Does it go against your personal/spiritual beliefs?
  5. Do you genuinely love this person?
  6. What is your virginity worth to you?
  7. Does this person deserve your body?
  8. Can you speak to each other about sex comfortably?
  9. Have you ever felt pressured, or pushed?
  10. If you chose not to have sex, would this person still be with you?

Really ask yourself those questions, and see what your answers are.You don’t have to agree with all of them but I do think it would give you a better understanding on when making love will be a good time for you. As always, if you feel pressured, unsure, then follow your heart and wait. If he really likes/loves you and wants to have something serious with you, he’ll understand and wait until you’re ready. If he doesn’t understand and is pushy, then you’ll know he’s thinking with his penis and not with his heart. <3

Anonymous asked:
I invested some little time and feelings in a guy. He knows I have a crush on him. He then asked "what are we" and I said friends but I wasn't clear cause I still wanted to get to know him. Now I feel things are diff and he is less interested??

Well you weren’t wrong in saying you two were just friends, you guys were nothing at that current time and to say otherwise would have been to lie. Maybe he thought you guys were more, but if you never gave that impression, it’s not your fault. I think you should just bring up the issue, and explain to him how you were feeling at the time. You can also consider that maybe things haven’t changed, and it’s just your mind seeing changes. In any case, you should talk about it, if it’s something you’re worried about. <3

A guy is only insecure about losing his girl when he knows someone else can treat her better.
Treat her right, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.
Anonymous asked:
Do you frequent Jersey City a lot?

I do, I have a lot of family and friends who live there, plus my church is in downtown. My mom is a vice principal in a JC school as well, so I feel like I’m in JC more than my own town. Why do you ask?

There’s always someone with bigger problems than yours. Make a stranger smile today, you might just make their day.
Friendship, especially as you grow older, is not about talking to each other everyday or hanging out 24/7. It’s knowing that when everything comes crumbling down at any given moment, they’re right there with you on the other end of the line, or in person face to face.
142 plays Inamorata Ryan Mitchell Grey
Let go of people who have already let go of you.
Rather than striving for happiness through the expectation of how things should be, try to accept whatever experiences come your way. That way, you’ll be able to appreciate and more easily notice all the positive things around you as opposed to feeling disappointed when things don’t measure up to fantasies.


Those moments when I lean in to kiss you and you pull back just a little, it really makes me want to kiss you even more. Just the fact that your lips are playing hard to get, it makes me want to chase them till our lips meet in the air and become married. And when you hug me and place your head on my chest, it makes me feel as if I am literally holding the word beautiful in my arms.

Anonymous asked:
I started dating this guy recently & we've been talking for a couple of months. I'm usually used to being with people who believe in God especially since I am Christian. The guy I'm talking to is Agnostic, but he is willing to go to my church.. He's very genuine, intelligent, and thoughtful, but I'm just scared that being in a relationship with this guy will hurt later in the long run because of our conflicting beliefs.

I’m a firm believer that God puts certain people in our lives for a reason. Maybe you’re the one who guides him to the right direction, maybe he’s lost and needs someone to show him the way, maybe through you he finds God. I think the fact that he is willing to go to church with you means a lot, it means he’s making an effort.

Maybe he is really interested and curious and maybe he’s going to strengthen his relationship with you, in any case I think that’s nice. And the best advice I can give is to pray about it. Ask God to guide your heart in the direction that is best for you. You’re not getting married tomorrow, so why worry about something that isn’t a problem yet?

Take it day by day, share your beliefs with each other, converse. Why has he chosen to be Agnostic? Why do you believe what you do? Maybe by talking about your beliefs, you both can better understand each other and possibly become closer, more loving and understanding. I think in the future, if all goes well, this can be a beautiful testimony one day.

I wish you the best and if you need a little more insight, or would like to get into a more detailed conversation about this, please let me know. You’ll be in my prayers. <3

Anonymous asked:
I think we should get married but hey it's just a suggestion. 😏

What a cute suggesting, you’re too sweet! <3

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