Anonymous asked:
Hi, I had to give up my relationship to concentrate more with my studies. Now, I was able to achieve and accomplish a lot of things which I am proud of. But, as soon as I got into bed, I missed him. I missed all those moments that he was there trying to keep me feel better. Now, he is definitely happy with someone else. How can I overcome it? How can I survive this longingness for him? I need you advice so badly đź’”

You made a decision at the time that you believed was for your best interest, and you shouldn’t feel bad about that. I believe everything happens for a reason, and maybe if you never would had broken up with him, your studies would have plummeted and your accomplishments would have never happened you know? Sometimes the choices we make aren’t easy, but they’re essential to our life.

You just have to let go of what could have been, and start thinking of what can be. I know it’s not easy, and I know regret is probably creeping its way in, but with time you’ll learn to let go. And with each passing day you’ll find yourself getting bettter. Missing someone hurts, but sometimes you just have to keep missing them until you wake up one morning and realize that you don’t anymore. <3


When you start to miss her, remember that you let her go.
A bad day at work is better than a good day at unemployment.
Anonymous asked:
I really need a friend like you in my life. I want people who give good vibes, and have good hearts around me. I know it's random but I would like to get to know you on a personal level with the hopes of building a friendship, if that's something you're okay with.

I’m all about discovering friendships, meeting new people, and good vibes. I have met some very wonderful people on tumblr that I call friends and I hope I can add you to that list. Come off anonymous and or add me on a FB and say hello! <3

When the conversation is getting shorter with you, it’s getting longer with someone else.
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I know words are poor comforters, I know they can’t be a blanket of love when it comes to having someone’s arms wrapped around you, or when it comes to feeling someone’s warmth. But sometimes words are all the comfort some people have. Long distance relationships, couples who don’t see each other often, they rely on their voices, on their words to keep the loving flowing. I believe it’s very crucial for one to explain how much you mean to them, even if the intensity of the words could never match with the gravity of the actions, at least it’s something. I bet every relationship would want to communicate by holding hands and gazing into each other eyes, but some have to sacrifice a little more the others. The one’s who are less fortunate of having the luxury of seeing each other everyday are the one’s who learn how to express their words in ways others can’t understand.

I know, it’s painful and difficult, to be separated by distance and by time. But you shouldn’t allow the distractions of a hectic lifestyle to interfere with your personal time together, because that’s how hearts become distant. Cherish each other, time is testing your patience and devotion for one another. Life tests our inner strength and dedication for one another. You’re living under the magical shield of each others love and that’s what should keep you going. The mightiest powers of the world don’t have weapons that can break your heart. Love attached with words give hope, it brings deep attachment, an eternal bonding. It’s time to challenge destiny, let it throw whatever it has at you, and take it one step at a time. Remember, when we love, we give hope and when we give hope, we give life. <3

Your significant other should not be your source of income. It’s a relationship, not a job opportunity.
Never struggle to chase love, affection, or attention. If it isn’t given freely by another person, it isn’t worth having.
Anonymous asked:
Do you smoke? My boyfriend recently started smoking and it's becoming a daily thing. Is it controlling of me that I don't want my boyfriend to smoke? I don't want to seem selfish, but I think it's a serious issue.

I have never smoked before, never even held a cigarette. It’s never been something I felt I needed to try and it doesn’t entice me. As far as your boyfriend goes, I do not think it’s controlling at all, however I do think that you are going to have to decide how much this relationship means to you. To me every relationship has issues like this. I call them the “deal-breakers.” It’s either something you will accept or not. A smoking habit could be considered as serious as any other habit that causes distance between the two of you.

And if he is engaging in an activity that decidedly distances you from him, it’s an issue you should talk about. But if he’s unwilling to stop, what will you do? You have to decide what your willing to put up with. You can’t make him stop and or force him to you know? If he is unwilling to see eye-to-eye with you, or attempt to meet you half way, then, your decision lies in whether you can live and love in this relationship if he doesn’t stop. Just tell him how you feel, and let him know that you just want what’s best for your health and his. <3

People miss you more when they see how much happier you are without them.
Forgive yourself for the wrong choices that you’ve made in the past. They are not evidence of who you are, they are evidence of who you were.
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