One day someone will accept you and all of you even the things that are wrong with you. They will appreciate everything that you do for them and will do anything to keep you happy. ♥


That’s all she really wants. She doesn’t expect you to always know the right thing to say. She doesn’t expect you to sweep her off her feet into a fairy tale every time you talk. She doesn’t expect gifts, and neither does she need them. But she does expect respect, she expects you to try, and she expects you to love her. That’s what she wants. She wants those random hugs, those spontaneous moments of love, those lazy days where you lay her on the bed and take a nap with her, she wants to be in your arms on cold nights just feeling your heartbeat, that’s what she wants. She want’s that and she intends to have that with you, you just have to show her that you do to.<3

Eventually, one of two things will happen; they either realize that you’re worth it or you realize they aren’t.
The 5 stages of him not being into you.


1. The maybe stage: Nothing has really been put out there, so who knows. Maybe he likes you back, but is too shy. Maybe he likes you back, but doesn’t think you like him. Maybe this, maybe that, at this point, you have the butterflies in your stomach and you can see yourself overly happy. Every time you see him, you can picture yourself with him.

2. The hoping stage: He knows you like him, but he still hasn’t said anything. You’re hoping that he likes you back, and you’re hoping that he’ll soon ask you out. You’re a hopeless romantic here, lying in bed and imagining various adorable things about you two. You’re hoping that you haven’t said or done anything wrong, you’re hoping that he feels the same way you do.

3. The self loathing stage: You see that he hasn’t done anything yet, so of course you’ll automatically think obviously everything is wrong with yourself, and you’ll say I’m never good enough and I should just give up. You’re really secluded at this point. You don’t talk to him as much, and you refuse to believe all the pleads from your friends about you being ‘too good for him’ are true.

4. The hurting stage: You’re pretty much confident that he doesn’t like you back. You tried and give him your all, and got nothing in return. Maybe he said so, maybe something happened or maybe you’ve convinced the hopeless romantic from stage 2 to just stop. This stage sucks, and you will cry, and you will feel like you can’t love again, you’re not okay here. The best thing for you at this point is get further from him and closer to people who do care about you. 

5. The acceptance stage: He doesn’t like you, but that’s okay. Yeah, it sucks, but you’ll be okay. By this stage, you can imagine not having feelings for him, and you realize that it would be best for you. You’re okay here and should stay on this stage. Because after everything, and not necessarily in that order, you get over him. I know it sounds hard, but it’s not so difficult. Every girl who has said they’ll never move on, are the ones who do and end up in great relationships. Trust me. <3

Anonymous asked:

This is the shortest message I have ever received haha cute. <3

If it still hurts, it’s because you care.
400 plays Blue Dream Jhene Aiko Souled Out (Deluxe Edition)

Don’t wake me up cause I’m in love with all that you are. <3

I can’t brag about my love for God because I fail him daily, but I can brag about his love for me because it never fails.
What is true love?

You know someone truly loves you they want to complement your happiness, not take it from you. When they randomly go out of their way to do something nice for you, without bringing it up in arguments to rub it in your face. You’ll know they think you’re special, when they respect your body, mind and soul. When they speak highly of you when you’re not around to hear. You’ll know they value your presence when you have days when you don’t do anything exciting yet you still have an amazing time.

When you’re not forced to do something you’re not comfortable with, when your mistakes and past are not being used as a weapon to bring you down, it’s real. When someone apologizes for when they were wrong and puts their ego to the side for the sake of the relationship, they’re genuine. When you’ve forgiven their past and they haven’t done anything to make you question them again, believe them. When someone’s love to their partner has been loyal, and faithful, don’t doubt it.

You’ll know someone is in love with you when everyday that goes by their love expands, their attention to you becomes more detailed, their moments of triumphs and sadness are accompanied by yours. Love is easy when it’s spoken, but when someones actions match their words consistently, it’s admirable. When someone never forgets to make you a priority, when they have the courage to stand up for you, and the respect to never make you feel unworthy, that’s when you’ll know you found the one, that’s when you’ll know its true love. <3

Anonymous asked:
How do you know when someone really truly loves you? I have doubts with my boyfriend, he says he wants to take that next step and get married and have a future but I still have my doubts. How would I know it's real, he's real and he isn't just playing me?

Whenever a boyfriend or girlfriend starts talking about marriage, the future, etc, it’s completely normal to be doubtful, nervous, and hesitant. If you’re having doubts, it’s because I’m guessing he has done things in the past to make you question his love for you. And I know you’re probably thinking about a lot of things, but trust me when I say your worries are valid so don’t feel like a bad girlfriend for having questions. With that said, I’m going to answer this question on a text post. I actually have a friend who is kind of going through the same problem, not to the extent of marriage but with having doubts in her relationship, etc, etc. So I’m going to make a text post with the hopes it helps you, that she reads it and what I have to say can possibly help anybody else in your position.

Do not chase people. Be you and do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay.


It has been said that it is inevitable, that at some point in time in an opposite sex friendship one of the two will develop feelings for the other. That when two people click in any way shape or form it is hard to imagine your life without that person. I guess in a way it’s true, but not every one develops feelings. You have to realize that sometimes taking things to the next level is not going to be the ultimate best situation. Relationships are tricky enough when they are new, and even more complicated when your best friends. When you know someone’s past discretion’s and the things that they have been through, the things you have seen them go through, it makes things a little different.

Love is not an easy situation, in anyway. And I think if you want to take a chance with a best friend to get to that next step, you have to be okay with possibly losing a friend forever. At the end of the day you have to hope that what you two share is strong enough to conquer anything, even the risk of a broken heart. So if you have undying, I’ve been loving you for ever kind of feelings you should let them know, but if your friendship is solid and grown, there really is no reason why you have take it to the next level. Because whether you end up walking down the aisle, or being best friends, at least you’ll still have them in your life. <3

Anonymous asked:
Whenever my boyfriend and I have a disagreement, argument, or if I say something I dislike about our relationship, he says he questions his love for me.. One time he broke up with me for one day because he made me upset.. I'm not sure how to perceive this.. I told him to think about this relationship t see if he really loves me or not..

It sounds like your boyfriend is immature and handles things in a very childish manner. And to be honest I don’t know how long your relationship can last when the communication and certainty between you two is broken. I think you really need to reevaluate your relationship and what it is you want in the future. Do you want to stay with someone who breaks up with you for a day? Or do you want to be with someone who’s sure of what they want? I wouldn’t be able to put up with uncertainty and childish games, and you shouldn’t want to either. <3

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